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The demand for economically and environmentally-sound energy solutions is urgent and global.

At the Institute for Energy Solutions, we develop solutions to pressing energy challenges, featuring research to advance vehicle electrification in the United States and worldwide.


Transportation Energy Innovation

Transportation energy research at the University of Michigan aims to develop breakthroughs that will enable a FAST transition to low-carbon mobility systems and to inform industry, policymakers and the public about cost-effective ways to mitigate transportation sector CO₂ emissions globally, nationally and regionally.

University of Michigan Battery Lab

The Battery Fabrication and Characterization User Facility enables industry and university researchers to develop cheaper and longer lasting energy-storage devices in the heart of the U.S. auto industry.

Advanced Materials for Energy Storage

University of Michigan researchers are working to overcome the limitations of existing battery materials through a multi-pronged approach that enhances the capability of batteries that use established materials; discovers improved materials mechanisms for energy storage; redesigns batteries for a circular economy with high levels of reuse for critical materials; and pursues breakthroughs to enable the use of earth-abundant materials such as sodium. 

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Faculty in the News

Congratulations to Nicholas Kotov, professor of Chemical Engineering, on receiving a collegiate professorship. He has been named the Irving Langmuir Distinguished University Professor of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.