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Institute for Energy Solutions Newsletter

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IES Offering Signing Bonuses for PhD Students

IES is offering signing bonuses to encourage PhD student applicants in energy (broadly defined) to choose the University of Michigan. Read more here.

IES Connects Faculty for interest in ARPA-E FOA

At the beginning of February, IES coordinated faculty from departments including Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and SEAS to discuss the DOE ARPA-E FOA focused on circular use of long lived rechargeable batteries.

IES Facilitates Multidisciplinary Interest Call for DOE EFRC FOA

On January 26th, IES hosted an interest call amongst University of Michigan Faculty to facilitate conversations for the DOE Energy Frontier Research Center FOA. The two solicited basic science topics of focus in the meeting were 1) Co-design of materials and processes to revolutionize microelectronics and/or QIS fabrication and 2) Environmental Management related to cleanup of nuclear waste. If you work on relevant research and are interested in joining the conversation, please reach out to IES at

IES Welcomes the 2024 IES Graduate Fellows

On January 23rd, IES hosted the first Graduate Fellows meeting and introduced the 2024 cohort. The graduate cohort includes Rahul Ramesh, Carissa Yim, So-Bin Cho, Marisol Garrouste, Pamela Wildstein, Timothy Arvan, Cheoljoon Jeong, Christopher Woodley, and Max Vanatta. These interdisciplinary PhD students will work on projects that serve IES’s mission to enable, accelerate, and inform the transition to an equitable, resilient, clean, affordable, and sustainable energy future.

Rahul Ramesh, Carissa Yim, So-Bin Cho, Marisol Garrouste, Pamela Wildstein, Timothy Arvan, Cheoljoon Jeong, Christopher Woodley, and Max Vanatta

IES Engages in Conversations Across Campus

Throughout January, the new IES Program Manager Kira Edwards has participated in conversations across University of Michigan to explore energy opportunities, including Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum and Anthropology and Afroamerican Studies. Please reach out to start a conversation about energy with us.

Provide your thoughts on the Campus 2050 Plans

University of Michigan is planning the future of the University of Michigan facilities. Review the Campus 2050 Plans and provide your own comments and feedback on the plans. IES encourages feedback towards their plan that promotes our mission towards a clean, equitable, resilient, affordable, and sustainable energy future. See the Campus 2050 Website here!

Upcoming Energy Events in Ann Arbor

See upcoming event notices, find links to more events, and complete a form to update IES on upcoming energy events.

Empower Communities

Check out Graham Sustainability Institute’s new Center for Empowering Communities, led by Sarah Mills. Renewable energy spans across the rural-urban spectrum and this work helps bring social research and community engagement forward.

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