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Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering



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Professor Goldman is a professor of Materials Science and Engineering who holds joint appointments in Physics and in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. She has served as Graduate Chair of MSE (2008 to 2012), Associate Director of Applied Physics (2010 to present), C-PHOM Education Director (2011 to present), and Member of the College of Engineering Executive Committee (2014-2017). Professor Goldman began her academic career at U-M in 1997 as the Dow Corning Assistant Professor. She received the Peter Mark Memorial Award from the American Vacuum Society (AVS) in 2002, the Ted Kennedy Family Team Excellence Award from U-M in 2004, the Augustus Anson Whitney Fellowship from the Radcliffe Institute in 2005, and the Monroe-Brown Foundation Service Excellence Award from U-M in 2011. In 2012, Goldman was elected Fellow of both the AVS and American Physical Society. She has held editorial positions for the Bulletin of the Materials Research Society, the Journal of Electronic Materials, the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, and Thin Solid Films. Goldman served on the AVS Board of Directors (2005-2008) and as an AVS Trustee (2008-2011); Professor Goldman is active in committee leadership and symposium organization for MRS, TMS, and APS.

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