The demand for energy solutions is urgent and global.

The mission of the Institute for Energy Solutions is to pursue energy science and technologies to enable, accelerate, and inform the transition to an equitable, resilient, clean, affordable, and sustainable energy future.

About Energy Solutions

photocatalytic water turbine

In late 2021, the College of Engineering created an Energy Task Force charged with assessing existing energy-related activities at the University of Michigan, suggesting new initiatives to increase engagement, and recommending steps to catalyze strengths at the institution. The paramount and unanimous conclusion of the Task Force was to immediately create an Institute for Energy Solutions to address the needs and opportunities to strengthen our efforts on advancing global energy solutions.

Seen above: Producing hydrogen from water and sunlight

Programs and Activities

Energy Solutions focuses on research, outreach, community engagement, communication, and educational activities. Fostering, facilitating, and creating connections within the College of Engineering, with other University of Michigan units, and with external organizations are key objectives of the Institute. Importantly, Energy Solutions also supports the University of Michigan’s carbon neutrality goals. Please reach out to Institute leaders to share your ideas and vision for a clean and equitable energy future.

Student working with biodigester

Seen above: Biodigesting waste into fuel

Join Us!

To lay a strong foundation for Energy Solutions, we’re working to build community across the university and beyond. If you’re a UM faculty or staff member whose work focuses on or informs energy research or related social, environmental, and economic interconnections, let us know.

Seen above: Solar powered ammonia production equipment