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John T. Groves Collegiate Professor of Chemistry
Research Scientist, Biophysics


Our research group has programs in three areas of bioinorganic chemistry and one in the preparation and characterization of inorganic clusters. Students can receive training in synthetic inorganic chemistry and physical characterization of molecules [X-ray crystallography, NMR (multidimensional, paramagnetic and heteronuclear such as 51V or 23Na), electrochemistry, epr and uv/vis spectroscopy, etc.] or emphasize more biologically related topics. In the latter case, students gain experience in molecular biology as well as in the physical techniques described above. Our group recently discovered a new class of metal chelating agents that have been named metallacrowns based on the structural similarity of these materials to organic crown ethers. The group is developing this new area of molecular recognition agent in numerous ways including determining stability constants for metal complexation, the ability to polymerize metallacrowns to form new materials, such as metallomesogens, and investigating the reactivity of these compounds as possible catalysts.

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