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Director - Energy Equity Project
Lecturer - Energy Justice


Justin Schott serves as Project Manager of the Energy Equity Project (EEP). He is honored to work in a field full of creative, savvy justice-minded colleagues, students and allies and is fascinated by conversations about how to drive and measure equity in clean energy investments.

Prior to coming to EEP, Schott was Executive Director of EcoWorks, a Detroit nonprofit, from 2015 to 2020. He is an avid social entrepreneur and a recognized sustainability leader in Detroit. Prior to becoming Executive Director, Schott designed and managed the launch and operations of numerous community programs, including the Youth Energy Squad (founder), which grew from a summer pilot employing four students in 2009 to a city‐wide partnership with Detroit Public Schools Community District. Schott has also worked closely on the creation of utility programs, including the Home Energy Consultation Program, which provided in‐home energy efficient installations and education to 10,500 households in its first 7 months. Schott has chaired the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm and is a member of steering committees of the Detroit Environmental Agenda; Housing, Health and Heatwaves project; and Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition and served as project manager of the Detroit Climate Strategy.