Schwank, Johannes


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CO2 Capture, Storage and Use | Energy Storage | Oil and Gas | Renewable Energy |

James and Judith Street Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Researching Fresh Solutions to the Energy/Water/Food Challenge in Resource-Constrained Environments (REFRESCH)


Research in the Schwank group is directed toward finding and developing novel solutions to the problem of energy production, storage, and utilization in the transportation, distributed generation, and chemical process sectors. The group has expertise in catalyst synthesis, multifaceted physical and chemical characterization, and kinetic and mechanistic studies of catalytic reactions. The group is also involved in research on advanced thin film and nanotube materials, with applications in high-performance lithium-ion battery technology for energy storage, and gas sensors. Schwank has received numerous awards from both the University of Michigan and organizations worldwide for research excellence and his work in chemical engineering.

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