Simon, Carl


Director, Science, Technology, and Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Professor of Mathematics
Professor of Public Policy
Adjunct Professor of Complex Systems
Professor of Economics (Courtesy)


Carl P. Simon is Professor of Mathematics, Complex Systems and Public Policy at The University of Michigan. He was the founding Director of the UM Center for the Study of Complex Systems (1999-2009) and is currently Director of the U-M Science and Technology Policy Program. His research interests center around the theory and applications of dynamical systems. He has applied dynamic modeling to the spread of AIDS (in particular the role of primary infection), staph infection, malaria and gonorrhea, to the spread of crime, and to the evolution of ecological and economic systems. His research team won the 1995 Howard M. Temin Award in Epidemiology for Scientific Excellence in the Fight against HIV/AIDS and the 2005 Kenneth Rothman Epidemiology Prize for paper of the year in Epidemiology. He was named the U-M LS&A Distinguished Senior Lecturer for 2007 and received the U-M Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award in 2012.

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