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Arun Agrawal is a Professor at the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. His research and teaching emphasize the politics of international development, institutional change, and environmental conservation. He has written critically on indigenous knowledge, community-based conservation, common property, population and resources, and environmental identities. His recent interests include adaptation to climate change, urban adaptation, REDD+, and the decentralization of environmental governance. He coordinates the International Forestry Resources and Institutions network, and is currently carrying out research in central and east Africa and South Asia. He is the author of Greener Pastures and Environmentality, and his recent work has appeared in Science, PNAS, Conservation Biology, World Development, and Development and Change among other journals.

Awards & Grants:
Agrawal was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2018 and is the Editor in Chief of World Development and a member of the editorial board for PNAS.

2007-11: NSF, CNH: “Environmental Governance, Forests, and Logging Concessions: The Effects of Institutional Complexity on Forest Systems, Cover and Change in Central Africa.” (1,497K) 2006-09: NSF: “HSD Supplemental Grant Proposal on Human Environmental Systems Interactions.” (44K) 2006-09: MacArthur Foundation “Training and Capacity Building for IFRI” (305K). 2005-08: Program in Human-Environmental Systems Interactions. National Science Foundation. (with Co-PI’s: Dan Brown and Rick Riolo). (497K)

Research Interests:
Political Economy, Environmental Governance, Community-Based Conservation, Indigenous Knowledge, Decentralization, Local Governance, Institutional Analysis

Current/Recent Research Projects:
– Environmental Subjects – Environmental Policy Decentralization – International Forest Resources and Institutions – Logging, NGOs, and Forest Cover in Congo

Teaching Interests:
Developmental Studies, Environmental Governance and Policy, Political Economy, Institutions and Resources, Local Governance

Current/Recent Teaching:
International Environmental Policy Institutions and Resources Environmental Governance

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