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Professor of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering


Suljo Linic’s research interests include catalysis, electro-catalysis, photo-catalysis, fuel cells, water splitting, plasmonics and Solar energy. His research group focuses on studying (electro)chemical processes directly or indirectly related to the fields of energy and environment. The group’s research is driven by a realization that the problems emerging in these fields have significant social and scientific impact, and that many of these will require a long-term commitment from the society and the scientific community. More specifically, the researchers apply first principles theoretical (electronic structure DFT calculations, ab initio kinetic and thermodynamic simulations) and various experimental tools (surface science, in-situ reactor studies, electron microscopy, etc.) to study chemical transformations on surfaces. The central objective of this work is the development of predictive theories of surface chemistry and electrochemistry related to heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, and photo-catalysis. Professor Linic’s group is currently working on a number of projects that aim to address various issues in the fields of energy and environment including various projects related to fuel cells, photo-chemical cells, plasmonic materials and energy, and many others.

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